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Granite Benches







A Memorial Bench or Tribute Bench can be the perfect tribute to a special person.  At MCM,  we offer many styles of memorial benches that will be well received in cemeteries, private gardens, public parks and other spaces. Our memorial benches are crafted from the finest quality granite which will remain a lasting tribute for years to come.

Granite benches are an excellent addition to any garden. Beautiful, elegant and resistant, our granite benches are well known for their durability and low impact on nature. Since they are derived from natural stone, they are not as harsh to the environment as plastic or metal benches. What’s more, granite benches are a great way to give style and poise to a natural environment. In opposition to fragile natural flowers, shrubs and plants, granite benches represent durability and longevity. They also convey a sense of calm and peace, something much appreciated in any garden.

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